Guys I’m doing it


Coffee shop AU

Me: Bucky works in a coffee shop….It’s called the… 8DDD Red Room. Nat works there too 8DD
Brid: *winces*
Me: I havent figured out Steve’s job yet. Art student!
Both: Joins the military
Me: Yes. Bucky was in an accident
Brid: Car accident
Me: Amnesia
Brid: Horribly disfigured
Me: Prosthetic—
Brid: -no arm
Me: Prosthetic arm D<
Brid: No arm
Me: Prosthetic
Brid: This is why no one leaves the AUs to me

Hi guys, I really need your help. This instagram user has been stealing and reposting artwork without permission. I’ve tried contacting them - before I’d ever been aware of their account they had blocked me, presumably because they saw I post my own art on my instagram and knew I wouldn’t want others doing it. So I set up another account today, messaged them and they deleted my comment without responding and temporarily made their account private.

A friend of mine messaged them about her art, and they basically said “You’re posting it online, this means anyone can do anything they want with it.” They then blocked her and posted her picture yet again in screenshot format, tagging her in a comment so that she’d see it but be unable to respond.

They know what they’re doing is wrong, and without your help they’re going to continue doing it. What’s worse is that there are people defending the thief when I speak up.

If you have an instagram account, can you leave a comment or even better, report them? Their copyright report system is so complicated so I understand if you don’t want to navigate all those pages, but even reporting as a scam/spam is as simple as a click and it’ll hopefully draw instagram’s attention to the matter.

I’d be so grateful for a signal boost, guys. I really appreciate you even reading this. It’s so disheartening as an artist to just watch this happen.

Here’s an excellent guide on how to report stolen art on instagram - thank you for the heads up bifca!

If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you.
- (via psych-facts)


People are so rude now a days, it really wouldn’t kill you to say please or thank you. You are not higher above them, I don’t care what job you have or how many followers you have. it’s not about owing them anything. It’s called being polite and professional.

#people need to stop the cursing and try saying thank you

Where did she curse? Honestly, all I see is you berating her for sending a firm, to-the-point message telling them to remove the art they stole (and yes, what they did falls squarely under the definition of stealing) yet you don’t acknowledge the fact that they called her hurtful names, acted completely entitled and then you tried to justify their actions while also perpetuating a trend/misinformation that artists have been trying to nip in the bud for years.


So people on Instagram seem to like reposting huge amounts of the Stucky art and cropping out the url and adding their own text or their own name.

Artists - it might be prudent to check the Stucky tag because your art is probably there and I doubt you gave permission.

I’ll post some of the Instagram links later but I’ve been leaving comments to take it down so I’m going to give them a chance to remove the art first.

Also they’re tagging the actors Instagrams which is all kinds of crossing the line.

The fact that one of them has me blocked so I can’t ask them to take stuff down AND tags Sebastian Stan in the pictures is a huge no-no. We all saw how Chris Colfer reacted to fan art, and when we barrage actors with a lot of our OTP fanart, we know it leads to them snapping about it in panels/interviews etc. It happened with the SPN guys, Tyler Posey and Chris often makes (sweeping generalisations) remarks about klainers and the boundaries between reality and fantasy. I personally would never show an actor any of my non-canon slash art, so to risk them seeing it without my consent just makes me really uncomfortable.

Also, “I found it in a tag, besides everyone does it!” isn’t a valid excuse, and it definitely isn’t permission.

So do you hate Klaine now? Your theme used be Klaine and you only have Averngers now so have you quit them? It makes me sad because you were one of the first people I follow on here and now your barely online anymore and when you do it's not with Klaine ):

Okay so I keep getting asks about this? And I really want to be polite and understanding but it’s very frustrating for me in the long run!

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steve: hey bucky, can you lend me a hand?
bucky: image


Bang bang, that awful sound 
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

If he wants to find me, he can find me. He’s a boy, you remember that. Whoever he seems like, he’s a stupid, scared little boy. And I can handle him.