UPDATE: The Facebook user has (kind of) apologized and is taking down the artwork. Thank you, everyone who helped spread the message and take action! You’re all so incredible and this would not have happened without all of your help. <3

This facebook page is reposting art without any credit to the original artists. They edit the images with their own logo and captions. It’s a pretty popular page, some of these images get hundreds of shares and it can be very problematic for the original artists when there’s no source.

I’ve sent them various emails/PMS, but have been ignored every time. In my case, I wasn’t asking for the images to be removed - only that I was credited.

Please spread the word if you can, it would be great if we could do something about this.

(I’ve edited a selection of the stolen images into one file, they’re spread out a lot more in the facebook gallery. There are more than these, and different fandoms. But if you look in the Profile Pictures/Cover Photos, you’ll see a lot of these immediately)
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